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What Is Text Neck & How To Fix It

Watch out! Pay attention!…these are things you may hear as you walk down the street with your eyes looking down at your phone while you reply to that last text message. Aside from impacting your immediate physical health from falling 30 feet down that manhole in front of you, constantly looking down at your phone […]

Importance of Cervical Spine Curve

It is easy to see how the structure of something can help determine its function. Structure and function are intimately intertwined. You wouldn’t buy a bike with square tires because the curves of the wheel serve a purpose for the proper function of the bike. As chiropractors we look at spine with the same perspective. […]

Common Sleeping Positions

Throughout the day we often hear a lot of people say, “I must have slept funny” or “I just woke up feeling this way.” It is not uncommon to wake up from what was intended to be a restful night’s sleep feeling anything but and even feeling a few new aches and pains. We’ve all […]