Chiropractic For TMJ

Can Chiropractors Help TMJ?

Chiropractic For TMJBefore you go to another dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon read this! At least once a week a patient asks me “can you do anything about my TMJ?”. Not only can chiropractic care help with TMJ disorders (or TMJD), we get some of our best results (and most happy patients) with people suffering with this horrible problem.

Most people suffering from TMJD have seen a number of dental professionals, and while they usually find some sense of relief, they rarely feel the problem has gone away. It becomes something they just have to live with. It SUCKS! Just the simple act of opening your mouth is terribly painful. Brushing your teeth, talking, eating become unbearable chores. Every bite you take is a screaming reminder that your jaw is not working the way it should. It can give you headaches, earaches, dizziness, hearing problems, and even difficulty swallowing.

TMJD Is A Collective Term For Variety Of Signs:

  • radiating pain radiating pain in the face, neck, or shoulders,
  • limited movement or locking of the jaw
  • painful clicking or grating when opening or closing the mouth
  • significant change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together

So Why See A Chiropractor?

Simply put, cervical spine issues can lead to TMJD, although most patents do not attribute these symptoms to neck problems.

The Journal of Oral Rehabilitation recommends examination of the cervical spine in TMJD patients, even without cervical complaints. These findings are supported by the journal of Cranio and Clinical Oral Investigation as well. Even professional journals from the dental profession recommend an evaluation of the spine.

Many chiropractors are trained to examine your neck and jaw to determine the best course of co-managed care with your oral health physician. The position of the head and neck are intricately connected. With proper care and treatment of spinal disorders, TMJD patients can see pain relief and correction. Treatments with us enable the body to respond to dental changes so that care received from your oral health physician has greater and lasting results.

TMJD patients receive:

  • Full examination to determine the best treatment plan
  • Pre/Post X-Rays
  • Multiple Exams to evaluate progress
  • Gentle and safe adjustments
  • Exercises to strengthen and stabilize the jaw and neck
  • Therapies to re-train muscles for proper movement of the jaw
  • Therapies that balance muscles for proper function

Know someone suffering with TMJ? Encourage them to schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor!