Do Chiropractic Assistants Get Adjusted

Do Chiropractic Assistants Get Adjusted

Do Chiropractic Assistants Get Adjusted“Kira, do Chiropractic Assistant’s like you get adjusted too?” I get asked this question often and the short answer is…YES!!!

My Backstory

When I started here at Midtown Life Studio, I had never been adjusted in my life. I had heard about chiropractic and a friend of mine claimed it helped her with things I couldn’t even imagine. In my eyes, chiropractic was for back pain, right? Well, yes and no…

I started this job with excitement and an open mind. I was interested in learning more about the holistic approach to health and even learning more about my body and what makes it tick. Dr. Greg can attest, the more I learned, the more I LOVED chiropractic. Dr. Greg started me off as if I was a regular patient in the practice. I went through a day one (new patient visit) and I mentioned I suffered from headaches every day, some even reaching migraine status, and that I had reoccurring sinus infections and ear infections from infancy into adulthood. I was notorious for refusing to take medicine because of how OFTEN I would have had to take it! There was no way that could be healthy for me.

My Findings

I thought “These are just the cards I was dealt”. On my day two visit (where he goes over his findings) I learned that my spine was in pretty decent shape but I had a cervical curve that really needed some help. Dr. Greg enlightened me by explaining that the central nervous system and the spine are directly connected. When the vertebrae in the spine are misaligned, it puts pressure on the nerve and causes interference with the rest of the body (organs, muscles, brain, etc.), this is called a subluxation. *You can learn more about subluxations in Dr. Greg’s blog post. (What Is Subluxation)* He went on to tell me that this could definitely be the cause of my continuous headaches and sinus/ear issues and set me up on a treatment plan. The subluxations in my cervical spine were interfering with my life force!

We set out with a goal in mind… To limit or greatly diminish the headaches and gain a better and stronger immune system. Here I am over 3 years later and I am elated to say that I almost never get headaches any more, let alone migraines, nor have I had a sinus infection or ear infection since being adjusted regularly. WHAT?! Now I’m not saying it’s magic or a cure all, but it’s pretty phenomenal – don’t you think? This was something that I thought I would be saddled with for the rest of my life and once Dr. Greg began slowly removing those little interferences my self-healing, self-regulating body did exactly what it needed to do. It thrived.

Wrapping Up

Yes, I get adjusted and all Chiropractic Assistant’s I’ve spoken to from other office do too! Yes, I take it seriously. Yes, it is a priority. I will always be under chiropractic care.