Fitting Chiropractic Into Your Schedule

Fitting Chiropractic Care Into Your Schedule

Fitting Chiropractic Into Your ScheduleThese days life is all about the hustle and bustle. Between our work schedules, kids’ extracurricular activities, kids’ school schedules, trying to squeeze in a work out on our lunch break or running errands…It’s easy to see how life can sometimes get in the way.

I often have patients tell me “I must be your most troublesome patient! I am always rescheduling. Can I just give you a call, that way I won’t keep bothering you?” and my honest answer is… “I would rather you schedule something with me now. It’s not a bother, I am here to serve you.” When you have an appointment already on the schedule, it is easier than remembering to call and schedule an appointment, in my opinion. Setting something up, even if it is tentative, at least keeps the appointment on your radar and mine.

In fact, many of you know that we like to schedule our patient’s appointments in advance; whether you are coming 3 times a week, every other week, or once a month. The reason we do this is because we want to make sure that your spinal health and wellness is a top priority for you, just like it is for us!

When you start care at our practice, you have generally come to us with an ailment and the desire to get help. You start off great, making every appointment, but before you know it a work meeting gets scheduled at the same time as your appointment and you forget to reschedule with us. My job as Chiropractic Advocate is to ensure that you attend your appointments as often as possible and that you reschedule any appointments you were unable to make. (You can read more about that on my previous blog titled Make up Appointments and Orange Slips). We have noticed that when you schedule in advance and you are able to plan for your appointment, it is easier to establish it as part of your day. Even more simple when your dates/times can be consistent! However, I would rather you call me 6 times in one day to switch up your appointment, than not have anything on the schedule for you at all. We just want to keep you on track.

On that note, you can also text me!

We now have a service that allows us to text with our patients in real time. If you are running late or need to reschedule you can simply send a text to your reminder message and you should get a reply back in minutes. If it is outside of our business hours, we will always try to reply in a timely manner, but you will absolutely receive a reply on the next shift.