Dr. Greg C. Graham


Dr. Greg C. Graham is a board certified chiropractor in both Georgia and Hawaii. Dr. Greg received his chiropractic education at Life University. He graduated in 2007 and opened his practice that same year. Dr. Greg enjoys many indoor and outdoor activities including running, crossfit and volleyball, so he understands the demand that sports and physical stress put on the human body.

Dr Greg Graham Atlanta Chiropractor

Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Perdomo

Chiropractic Advocate

Ronnie has been a welcome addition to the Midtown Life Studio family. She is always ready and happy to serve our community as an advocate for chiropractic care. Her excitement and willingness to help will be apparent with every encounter. Whether you call us, email us or visit, Ronnie will do whatever she can to make your experience exceptional!

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Glenn P. Grant

Chiropractic Advocate

Glenn plays many roles in ensuring a great experience at Midtown Life Studio. Glenn assists with many chiropractic exams, x-rays, front desk and making sure our practice runs smoothly day in and day out.

Glenn Grant