How to Prevent Hunchback Posture

How To Prevent Hunchback Posture

How to Prevent Hunchback PostureHunchback. Nursing Home Posture. Grandma Hump. Whatever you wanna call it, it is not a good look. Even more importantly, it is terrible for your overall health. As you lose the curve in your neck the process has already begun. I have patients tell me all the time that they notice there shoulders slumping forward or that there head sticks out in front of them. It starts out with what we Forward Head Posture and it can lead to bones shifting out of alignment, muscle strains and spasms, as well as spinal degeneration.

5 Tips To Prevent A Hunchback Posture

1) Stop texting (Yeah Right!)

Okay, I know that is not gonna happen. But seriously, those of you who spend all day on your phone (you know who you are) give it a break. At the very least hold your phone up higher so your not looking so far down. Not only will this help you avoid becoming a hunchback, but it will also help you avoid running into a telephone pole. I’ve seen it happen.

Raise Your Computer Screen

Same concept here. If your computer screen is below eye level (middle of the screen), it’s too low. Those of you who work all day long on laptops are definitely guilty of this. They make ergonomic stands and detachable keyboards. I know. I know. Who’s gonna lug around a laptop stand and plug in a keyboard? When you start looking like your old aunt Matilda just don’t say no one ever told you.

Do Some Corrective Exercises

Wall Angels, Rows, Foam Rolling. Google it! “Forward head posture exercises” Or, if you’re a patient, just ask me. Guys especially seem to let there egos get in the way. You spend a significant amount of time working out your chests and forgetting about your backs. This pulls everything forward and makes things even worse. Just because you can’t see your back in the gym mirror doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some attention.

Reduce Stress

Get rid of it wherever you can. Eat right. Exercise. Terrible Job? Start looking for another one. Unhealthy relationship? Fix it (or end it).

Get Chiropractic Care

Most importantly, regular chiropractic adjustments are vital to ensure you don’t succumb to a hunchback. Getting adjusted will enable your to regain and maintain spinal motion, prevent spinal degeneration and avoid that grandma hump.