Stroller with Kettlebells

Working Out With Kids – My New Workout Regime

Working Out With Kids - My New Workout RegimeSo it’s been 6 months since our twins were born. Therefore it’s been 6 months since I’ve worked out regularly or eaten properly. NO MORE. I have patients everyday telling me how difficult it is to get a workout in or how they can’t seem to get their diet on track. Whether its kids, a stressful job, or just the inability to get your life organized, truth is it is hard to stay healthy. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

So I could just give in and succumb to what is so affectionately described as ‘dad bod’. I could eat take-out and melt into the couch every time it beckons me to plop down from utter exhaustion. Where would that get me?

I realized that I haven’t ran or done any physical activity without my two little boys in tow since they were born. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I attempted one return trip to Crossfit. I thought it would be great to spend a few hours a week in a fun, motivating environment, and get back in shape in the process. After a run in with the owner who decided to assert his dominance by shoving a barbell into the back of my throat, demanding to know why I should keep my elbows up, and later commenting on my choice of weight, I decided against it. Not working out for 6 months did nothing for my flexibility and while my form is not always perfect, I pride myself on being smart and avoiding long term injuries that I see in the office everyday, but that’s beside the point.

I decided to let him keep his alpha male status and I would leave with my $165 a month. After all, your gym your rules, but hey, if I’m gonna spend several hours a week away from my kids and husband it’s not gonna be there. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE crossfit. I love the camaraderie, the intensity, the grit. But I also want to have a good time and feel like I’m welcomed.

My New Workout Regime

Anyway, so I’ve decided to keep the trend going and not run or workout without the twins, Graham and Arthur, for the next 18 months. The point? Well, I guess I want to prove to myself that I can not only maintain a decent weight and healthy lifestyle, but perhaps get in the best shape of my life while lugging my two ever-increasing bundles of joy everywhere I go. Also, and more importantly, I want to be able to confidently tell my patients that it can be done.

So no stroller-assisted mini squats or handlebar side-bends. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I didn’t give birth to these two little guys so I’m gonna by-pass the postpartum recovery phase of working out. Not sure exactly what these workouts will look like, but stay tuned. Oh, and the first $165 I saved from cancelling my membership bought me 2 kettlebells, an abmat, a jumprope and a yoga mat. My new mobile gym!

Here goes nothing! Or something!?